How I got my Agile wings

        I’m currently a ScrumMaster working on three local Scrum teams, which when I started was only one small team. My first day on the team was coincidentally sprint planning day, when I was asked to hit the ground running as the new ScrumMaster. Without hesitation, I eagerly took on the challenge. From then on, I helped build and coach the team to its current size of three Scrum teams.
Thrown into a Sprint…    thrown into a sprint

        Being a ScrumMaster includes everything from interviewing candidates and onboarding to Agile coaching and release training.  During the interview process, we included the original team members during the interview process, which helped empower these members as well as help with ensuring we had a good team fit for the new members coming onboard.  I’m pleased to say that I’ve had a great support system: my management, team members, and the development team’s director. As part of my immediate team, I coordinate with other ScrumMasters daily to ensure that our scaled Scrum teams are all escalating issues as soon as possible, and to ensure that everyone has what they need to succeed.

        Getting to this stage of my career has been quite an adventure. Early on, I was in the military for five years, supporting various aircraft by calibrating and repairing all types of aviation electronics. Also, I was a Six Sigma Green Belt, participating in and coleading many Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) events. This is when I gained an understanding of Lean thinking and applied it to all things I approached.

        After the military, I transitioned to a student and intern as I earned my undergraduate degree. I was fortunate as a student and intern to gain exposure to Agile development through courses and real-life experiences. After college, I soon became a project manager and was asked to build a Scrum team remotely.

Picture taken of me presenting in an open space session about How to Build a Scrum Team Remotely and Locally at the Scrum Gathering in Phoenix in 2015, hosted by

        At the beginning, there were no people or processes in place. I had to develop training, setup tools, processes, and procedures in preparation for the people I would soon be bringing on board. In order to create and implement a successful team, I had to play many roles during this time. They varied from release manager and product owner to manager and ScrumMaster. I learned through trial and error how to help build and work with Agile development teams.

        It wasn’t long after that when I earned my Professional Scrum Master certification. I have no doubt that these experiences have helped me with my current Scrum teams and have inspired me to create my blog. I truly feel all of these experiences have made me stronger and continue to help me with overcoming challenging scenarios every day.


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