Jack of All Trades, Master of Scrum

Master of Scrum, or Scrum Master, is my professional title.  Of course, I’m not silly enough to think I know all there is to know about Scrum or Agile Methodologies.  I have been fortunate to get to where I am today as a Scrum Master through previous experiences and those around me as I went through the “ranks”.

Speaking of experiences, as you can see from the About the Author section, I’ve had my fair share of different positions throughout my career.  


I like to consider my self a jack of all trades, be it people person / management to IT geek.  I’ve been thru so many different experiences, it’s not even funny.  I wouldn’t trade these experiences for the world, as I feel it’s really helped me become a well-rounded person.  We have all heard the saying, “jack of all trades, master of none” (hence my creative title play on words), and for the most part we were all told this is a bad thing.

When I realized that I was a jack of all trades, and then thought to myself what being a scrum master entails, I was surprised to see how perfectly it matched up.  I mean, to be a scrum master, it sure doesn’t hurt to have experience as a developer, release manager or product manager.  I’m lucky to have had both experiences in these areas, and more.

I will never forget riding on the train home from work, where I used to work in Seattle as a Project Manager,  when I saw a former classmate who came and sat next to me.  After we caught up on old times in college, he started telling me about how he was a jack of all trades, but couldn’t seem to narrow down specifically what he wanted to do for his next career job.

At the time, I had just gotten certified as a scrum master, and in that moment told him how I thought all of his experiences (which were similar to mine) would most likely help him if he ever decided to head down the path of a scrum master.

PSM-Logo-2       Seal-2013-CSM-144x144 As a scrum master, it sure can’t hurt being a jack of all Agile Methodologies.  It sure can’t hurt having previous experiences managing people.  It definitely can’t hurt having previous experience with lean six sigma continuous process improvement.  Last but not least, it for sure doesn’t hurt previously having both experience as a product owner, and working with stakeholders for customer needs.

Again, fortunately I’ve been lucky enough to have had these previous experiences, and many more, which I feel have made me a jack of all trades and a mature scrum master.

Honestly, I feel people get so stuck in the mentality of being perfect at one thing, they miss out on so many possibilities, in their career or personal life.  Everything we do, from our first breath to present day, makes us who we are as an individual.


All of these experiences help us, even in our day-to-day work life.  Even more so as a scrum master, I truly feel like being a jack of all trades is the perfect scenario for a scrum master – it makes the term “jack of all trades” a very very good thing to be!  So the next time you hear someone say that being a jack of all trades is a bad thing, tell them to love this and if they dare, to head down the path of one day becoming a scrum master!jack-of-hearts-md



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