timRisizedHello everyone! I created this site to connect everyone who is passionate about all things Agile and to share my experiences.  This includes all aspects from scrum, extreme programming (XP), agile project management, product ownership, continuous delivery and more. I’ve been very fortunate to be exposed to areas such as six sigma, production control management, release management, product ownership, project management, and scrum mastering.  Call me crazy, but I’ve always loved being in the middle of it.  No matter how intense the situation within teams has gotten, for some reason I love being the one who can step in and help everyone work towards a solution.  Again, I’ve been thru a lot of scenarios and just about seen it all.  This has giving me the tools needed to know how to react and help teams come together to achieve a mission. I’m very excited to connect with everyone here, and looking forward to communicating with you all through your comments.

Tim (@tim_deas)


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