Forecasting timelines for Stakeholders

There has been a lot of great movement towards agile software development over the last decade or so. However, there are still a few struggles or gaps you’ll find in most organization today that claim to be agile. That is with the dilemma of how to forecast updated timelines to the customer and or stakeholders.

Product t-shirt sizing chunks of work, or forecasting based on a well-groomed backlog ?

If you ask a typical agile dev team member how they would handle providing timelines of work to be completed, you might be surprised by the answer. They might just not care about what we may or might not do six months to a year from now but more about continuously delivering what the customer wants now:

Project Plan Gantt charts and Product Roadmaps with far out timelines and Roadmaps are the old way of doing things. A constant feedback loop with the customer is the new way to do things in the agile software development world.

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How does a Project Manager fit in with Agile Development?

PM Fit        Back in my early days as a project manager, at first I was mainly working on waterfall type projects.  It didn’t take long until I was asked to bring on a virtual remote team for agile software development.   Continue reading “How does a Project Manager fit in with Agile Development?”